Nexans launches new generation of bend insensitive fiber for FTTH

Lisbon, February 25, 2010 – Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cable industry, is a gold sponsor for the FTTH Council Europe 2010 where it is launching its new generation of bend insensitive fiber for FTTH applications. Nexans is also presenting a conference paper, as well as exhibiting its dedicated, innovative field-proven solutions for mass-market deployment that have enabled it to establish a position as a key player in the urban FTTH infrastructure sector. Nexans experts are available on Booth G1 to explain how it can help operators and their equipment suppliers to achieve successful and cost-effective implementation of both short and long-term broadband strategies.

 Nexans launches new generation of bend insensitive fiber for FTTH


Bend insensitive fiber

Nexans new generation bend insensitive fiber has been developed to ensure improved bend performance in reduced radius applications. Its performance of 5mm bending radius and its ability to support stapling guarantee high quality of Triple Play Quality of Service and make cable routing simple and easy for faster installation.

Conference paper

Jean Fehlbaum, Strategic Development and Technology Director for the Optical Fiber Cables and Components Business Group of Nexans is presenting a conference paper on February 25, starting at 11:30, on the subject ‘FTTH CAPEX optimization by infrastructure sharing’. It examines how, under pressure from regulatory bodies, several western European countries are presently working hard on deployment scenarios based upon infrastructure sharing among competitors. This trend is influencing the technical requirements of almost all components of the transmission chain, from ODFs in Central Offices, through ducts and up to subscriber outlets. It is also being seen in multifiber access cabling requirements arising in countries such as France, Sweden and Switzerland. This calls for innovative solutions, both for outside plant and indoor cabling, and some recent examples of best practices for duct, cable or fibers sharing or multi-operator 400 percent vertical cabling solutions will be presented.

Comprehensive range of FTTx solutions

Nexans is also showing its comprehensive range of FTTx solutions including: new MDU (multi-dwelling unit) cabling solutions, blown cables, extractable bundle solutions that offer significant CAPEX savings and a new FTTH solution for power utilities.

FTTH Council Europe 2010
Feira Internacional de Lisboa, Portugal
February 24-25
Booth G1


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