Local and Wide Area Networks


  • To assure power plant and infrastructure security
  • Advanced fiber and copper LANs/WANs solutions.

The kind of data speeds achievable means that power utilities can now plan a decade ahead without expensive retrofitting.

Cables Solutions

Κατηγορία 5e
Συστήματα Δομημένης Καλωδίωσης (LAN)/Χαλκός

Nexans offer a choice of Category 5e ranges:


Full System Offer


  • Cat 5e system based on snap-in format connectivity


  • Cat 5e system based on 808 style connectivity. Extended distance support is possible using 'LANconnect PLUS' cables.

All complete systems offer a comprehensive Certified System Parts & LABOUR Warranty.


Component based solution 

Essential - component based 'economy without compromise'

  • cost effective solution for basic installations
  • instant downloa...